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As a contractor, you should always be prospecting for work.

That's right, you never want to get into a situation where you're sitting around your office waiting for the phone to ring and for a potential job to come in. While it's always nice to accrue leads this way, it can't be the only way that you earn business. You need to be active in the community, networking with homeowner's associations and various organizations to help establish yourself as a one-stop-shop for contracting needs both big and small. And when you're not busy bidding on work, performing jobs and working to gain more business, you should be tapping into other resources too. While some might think of them as a long shot, there are actually a fair amount of websites that we'd encourage you to regularly check out as it pertains to finding what jobs homeowners and property managers are looking to have bid on in their areas. Here's a closer look at some of these websites you should be bookmarking right now to find where to bid on jobs online:

4 Great Websites to Find Contracting Jobs

Whether you're a small job contractor or one that specializes in larger work, here's a look at some great websites to help contractors earn more business:

  • Bidjobber.com: Bidjobber connects contractors, sub contractors, suppliers and homeowners all in one place. It all starts with homeowners posting a project that they'd like to have performed on their property. From there, contractors can submit a bid for the project as well as what supplies and materials they're likely to need. From there, sub contractors and suppliers are able to chime in and provide the contractors with estimates for said supplies and materials. The website essentially connects the entire supply chain, with homeowners eventually able to select the bid that suits them best.
  • Thumbtack.com: From handyman services to roofing repair to electrical work, the "Home" section on Thumbtack.com allows homeowners to request quotes from qualified contractors in their area regarding the service they need performed on their property. All you need to do as a contractor is go to the "Join as a Pro" section on the website, and indicate the services you provide and your qualifications to be considered when an interested party needs a quote relevant to your offerings in your service area.
  • BidClerk.com: BidClerk allows contractors to custom search projects that are up for bid in their areas that are most relevant to their expertise as well as their bottom line. Noting this, contractors better have the power to bid on jobs that make sense and pass on jobs that don't. Contractors can also arrange to have alerts and updates sent to them when new projects are added in their area that match their criteria.
  • ContractorHomePros.com: This site enables contractors to increase their exposure by creating a free profile that consumers can search. It also allows contractors to amplify their listing and increase their exposure by purchasing an optional featured listing or banner spot ad upgrade. It's not so much a way to find jobs in your area, but an additional way that potential customers can find you.


Make sure to bookmark the aforementioned four websites and set aside time to regularly peruse them for jobs. When combined with prospecting, networking and your other lead-generation strategies, doing so can be a big part of a complete package in growing your business.


In a career spanning over 10 years, Scott C. has experience writing for a variety of mediums. He edited a magazine focused on disaster restoration - and the construction re-build that often followed fire, water and mold damage. He's also been on many construction job sites during his tenure with the publication, helping familiarize himself not only with the tools and practices involved in the trade, but with the safety equipment that should be worn as well.