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Landlord Program

Own Rental Property?
We Can Save You Money!
Own Rental Property We Can Save You Money

Bargain Outlet Offers An Exclusive Program For Landlords

Our Landlord Program recognizes anyone who is a member of a local landlord housing or real estate association or owns multiple properties.

*3% Discount On Every Purchase.

*Discount does not apply to Exceptional Value Items.

3 Easy Steps To Become A Landlord Member. Apply Today.

Step 1

Fill out landlord application below.

Step 2

Go to the nearest GBO store location with proof: You are a member of a local Real Estate Association or proof you own rental properties.

Step 3

The manager on duty will take just a minute to confirm your account and supply you with an identifying sticker. Affix the sticker to the credit card or picture ID of your choice. Once you are an active member of the GBO Landlord Program, simply present the Landlord Program ID you were provided any time you make a purchase. As a member, you will also receive notification of special buys and items of interest via of 'Deal-E-lert' emails.