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Hustle is the name of the game when you are a small contractor and the competition in your niche is fierce. As the construction industry lags behind many other industries in terms of social media and social networking, we look at two of the best social networks and two of the best social media platforms that help drive business in your direction. 

Getting my business on LinkedInTwo Social Networks to Consider

BuildBoom — BuildBoom is a social network that is all about the construction industry. It allows you to join as an individual and as a company. It is currently in beta mode, but it allows you to connect easily to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The network is location oriented and makes it easy to find other contracting companies in your area and especially those who need niche partners. Sign up, connect, post photographs, and form groups. This is also a good place to find workers, too. 

LinkedIn — LinkedIn is a social network that focuses on professional connections. It boasts hundreds of millions of users with continual annual membership growth. LinkedIn is not specific to the construction industry, but it offers a search feature that allows you to search for open positions. The power here is in the networking opportunities that can take you across industries and expand the opportunity for referrals. 

Two Social Media Platforms That Build Networks

Pinterest — Pinterest is huge. So large, that LinkedIn tracks its stats as a place for LinkedIn's user to help build their business. In 2016, Pinterest topped 110 million monthly users and had an incredible usage rate that puts more than 50 billion pinned photographs on their site. It is no secret that Pinterest is primarily a female-based social media platform. Who better to show off your carpentry skills to then to the woman who wants a new kitchen, outdoor fireplace, or new hardwood floors?  Seventy-one percent of Pinterest users are female. The benefits of Pinterest to small contractors are that it's fast. You simply have to post a picture of your work and link it back to your website. It is a haven if you also provide DIY type content with articles about how to hang a picture or clean grout lines. Those sorts of helpful content reel them in like bass during the spring hatch. 

Facebook — Statista gives us the low-down on Facebook stats. When you use Facebook effectively you gain access to 1.79 billion monthly users putting at the top of the social media heap. The total number of active users in just North America tops 229 million each month as of the third quarter of 2016. The power behind Facebook is its ads. For about $20 you can place an ad that is targeted by geographic location. If you are a small contractor in the Los Angeles area, you can target your ad to just that area. Ads are easy to create, and a photograph is perfect to use. This allows you to use the same media for both Pinterest and Facebook. Plus, using Facebook is fast. 

When you run a small business, there is just so much you can do in a day. These four social networking platforms are quick, easy to use, and offer a lot of benefits. Can you do more with less? Yes, when you have the tools that make your life easier. 


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