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As autumn draws closer, sprucing up your home for the holiday gatherings just around the corner may seem like a good idea. On Thanksgiving Day when the whole family gathers to carve the turkey, you will want your home to look its best.


1. Painting

Painting the inside of your home is probably one of the easiest home improvement projects that provides the most visual impact. Nothing freshens up a home’s interior or exterior like a new coat of paint. As the hot days of summer begin to cool, you can open windows for ventilation while painting indoors or working comfortably outside.


2. New Light Fixtures

Replacing old and out-of-date light fixtures can brighten up your family gatherings and smarten up the appearance of your home. Replacing a light fixture isn’t complicated, especially if you watch a few ‘how to’ videos on the Internet beforehand. If you want to install a large or heavy light, be sure and enlist a buddy to help support the fixture during installation, so you don’t risk dropping and damaging the new light.


3. New Flooring

Besides painting, new flooring provides great visual impact for just one room or the whole home. Plush new carpet, earthy tiles, luxury vinyl, or rich hardwoods make a home seem brand new again. Removing old flooring and replacing it with new stain-resistant products can slash the time spent cleaning and improve the resale value of your home.


4. Kitchen Remodel

Will you have time to complete a kitchen remodel before Thanksgiving Day? It depends on how extensive the home improvement project you’ve planned. If you want to replace flooring, countertops, backsplash, sinks, or appliances, such a job could be completed by Turkey Day. However, if your remodel includes moving or installing new plumbing, extensive electrical work, or ripping out walls to enlarge the space, then the job could take longer. A professional contractor can assess the situation for you and estimate the time for completion.

When it comes to planning the kitchen of your dreams, an experienced designer can make your idea fit together and work in harmony, not to mention save you money and heartache. If you know what new amenities you want in your new kitchen, but you aren’t sure how to pull it all together, consider talking with a kitchen designer for advice.


5. Bath Remodel

A bath remodel makes sense any time of the year. A remodeled bath ranks high on the list of home improvement projects that will add to the value of your home. Once again, the extent of the bath remodel will determine if you can finish in time for Thanksgiving Day. However, bathrooms are usually smaller than other rooms, so this factor can help cut down the work involved and the time factor. Tiling a bathroom floor, for example, doesn't take as much time or labor as a large kitchen floor because of the smaller area involved.

Removing sinks and toilets and replacing them with new fixtures can be accomplished in a relatively short time. However, ripping out an old bathtub and removing extensive tile work on the walls and floors can extend the time of a bath remodel. Getting a time estimate from an experienced contractor would be a good idea if your home improvement project involves a lot of demolition or extensive new or rerouted plumbing.


6. Finish Your Basement

Depending on how much work is involved, a finished basement is a home improvement project that could be accomplished by Thanksgiving. Plus, think of all the extra entertaining space it would provide for your holiday gatherings. Putting down moisture-resistant flooring and using durable paint to kid and pet proof the walls will create a fun and user-friendly hangout for the whole family.


Elizabeth D. has worked as a contractor in the construction of new homes and renovation of older homes for 25 years. She has written DIY articles in the field of home construction and repair for eHow. She has been involved in many DIY projects over the years. Elizabeth is the 'go-to' person in her circle to help improve the design of projects and solve problems with home construction.