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Purchasing a home within a specific price point can constrict the modern amenities found in the choices available. For the eager DIYer, this is a challenge that is happily accepted. The process may be fun, but even the savvy DIYer struggles to bring some parts of older homes into the 21st century. Dealing with the relics of yesteryear can create new challenges, but with some inspiration, elbow grease, and smart design, these areas can be refinished to be a part of a sleek, modern home. Here is some inspiration on how to take outdated designs in older homes and bring them into the 21st century!

Brightly Colored Bathrooms

Yes, we all remember those neon bathrooms from our grandmother’s house and nearly every home built in the 60’s and 70’s. These relics of the flower-child years can still be found in many homes due to their durability. If your property is an investment property or rental, why take out durable tile when these colors seem to be making a comeback? Tone down the brightness by adding in a durable flooring in the bathroom that is neutral as well as making either the tub or walls neutral. This will bring the proper balance into the bathroom without keeping a gaudy look.

Retro Kitchens

Yes, it seems that the Seafoam Green of yesteryear is making a comeback, for better or worse. Use this to your advantage and incorporate some of the retro style into the home! Solid cabinets can be brought back to life with a paint job and some new knobs with ease. If the cabinets need to be replaced, purchase some Ready-To-Assemble cabinets that work with the existing floor design for budgeting. Bring some modern/retro flare into the kitchen by purchasing a new range that has a retro face.

High-Framed Windows

Older homes often have high-framed windows that take up the width of the wall, but do not extend to the lower portion of the wall. This was an extremely popular trend in Florida homes to let light in, but not raise temperatures in the room. Older windows can leak and raise electric bills, which means owners should consider replacement windows in the home. High-framed replacement windows are available to make the home more energy efficient. Bring a new feel to the home by installing full-sized windows or wall framing windows for a more modern design in the home.

Multi-Colored Carpet and Dark Tile Replacement

Sometimes changing one aspect of a home can completely re-imagine a home from frumpy to sleek and modern. Some homes still have retro carpet and tiles that incorporate greens, oranges, yellows and browns. Removing outdated flooring for a more neutral hue in the home. This can help create a “White Walls” space for renters or potential homebuyers to imagine their own design in the home.

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Lynn Black is a graduate of Christopher Newport University with over a decade of experience in marketing strategies and content writing. She is a military spouse to a member of the United States Coast Guard.  Lynn has experience completing DIY projects and will be tackling an upcoming home renovation using Bargain Outlet products.