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Entry doors are the first impression of your home, welcoming family, friends, and visitors.

Door type and color say a lot about the home and its residents. Choosing the right door for curb appeal and function involves the home’s style, your lifestyle, and your budget. Today, homeowners have tended to choose larger entry doors, complementing trends of open-space designs; the size of the door should match the size of the home.

The latest trends in door types these days include wood and fiberglass. Where you live may help you decide between a wood or fiberglass door—both are available as pre-hung doors, with weather resistance and energy-efficient designs. Aside from appearance, entry doors protect your home and keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.


Wood Doors

Wood entry doors have been around for centuries, proving they last with regular maintenance; restore a door's appearance by repainting or updating stain colors. A variety of wood grains in warm to bold colors can add to a home’s curb appeal. Glass inserts, sidelights, and transoms add a touch of style on pre-hung and standard-sized doors. Today, wood doors offer thicker panels for higher energy savings, and improved weather stripping has added more weather resistance. Aside from efficiency, wood doors are the number one choice of architects and popular with homeowners for their adaptability to traditional, contemporary, and modern styled homes.

Cost is usually a major factor when choosing a wood door. Depending on your budget, you can choose between off-the-shelf or customized doors from a selection of woods.

Exposure to moisture and weather can fade or peel finishes. Lack of maintenance and weather stripping can cause weakening door joints, creating openings that allow inside air and heat to escape.  


Fiberglass Doors

Advanced technology has created a fiberglass door that looks like real wood with little maintenance needed to keep it in good shape. These doors are made of a composite material covered in fiberglass and pre-finished at the factory. Features include high-energy savings along with durability. The fact that they rarely warp or rot furnishes them with weather resistance. 

The cost of fiberglass doors and installation may be the biggest challenge. They are pre-hung doors, meaning the door comes with hinges attached to its own frame. The complete package is ready to attach to the house. Depending on the home's type of structure, it may require a special installation. You can select from pre-hung doors in standard sizes or made-to-order doors to fit an existing doorway.

Fiberglass doors will eventually show signs of rust over time without proper maintenance.

These doors have the perfect surface for duplicating the look of wood grain or applying a solid-colored exterior, adding to a home's curb appeal. Customized graphics, special finishes, or glass inserts affect cost, but what you spend on design, you may save in maintenance and energy.



Both wood and fiberglass doors do enhance the attractiveness of your home's entry. Without regular care, whether you choose a simple or an elaborate design, the effects of time will show. The quality and grade of material and workmanship do make a difference. If you prefer the look of real wood with a modern finish or the touch of real wood, it comes down to cost and maintenance. 


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