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When it comes to flooring trends, lifestyle is the driving force for selecting the perfect floor.

Something to keep in mind is that kitchens have their own set of issues. Think about cabinet and island placements when selecting flooring. Additional kitchen remodeling tips are considering the different flooring features and what works best in your home.

Home Improvement kitchen remodelKitchen remodeling is an investment. The return on investment (ROI) varies from project to project. According to real estate statistics, ROI for major to moderate kitchen remodeling can range from 60 to 80 percent. Major remodeling reduces the ROI, due to the cost of material, labor, existing conditions, and overall design. Thanks to technology, flooring trends include exact replicas, reducing costs, and improving lifecycles without changing the vision. 

Here are three elements to consider when choosing flooring and four different types of floor options that offer style and durability to fit your budget.

  • Color. It brightens up the room and pulls all the pieces together. The right flooring adds character to neutral colored cabinets, appliances, and kitchen accessories. 
  • Pattern. Across the board, today's flooring offers just about every design pattern you can imagine. 
  • Traffic. Kitchens are notorious for being the most frequented room in the home. 


Laminate Flooring 

Without a doubt, laminate flooring is one of the most popular choices for kitchen remodeling. Besides the choice of patterns and colors is the replication process, adding to its popularity. Technology has reduced cost, along with ease of installation and cleaning. The average lifecycle is up to 15 years with care and proper maintenance. 


Hardwood Flooring 

Wood flooring is timeless, making it durable beyond 20 years, even with the kitchen’s heavy traffic. Hardwood floors have held our interest because of their ability to refinish and restore the natural look. Installing new wood floors could cost you as much as $12 per square foot. Don't forget to add the cost of repair and maintenance to keep wood floors looking their best. 


Tile Flooring 

Ceramic tile is making a strong comeback with classic patterns that never go out of style. Technology has improved the material and cost of tile by mirroring the look of natural stone. The lifecycles can reach up to 20 years with easy surface cleaning. 


Marble Flooring 

Marble flooring is another classic upgrade that has been around for centuries. Natural marble is soft, porous, and expensive. It can be a challenge to keep clean. Lifecycles can extend beyond 30 years depending on the environment. You can save some on cost by using a marble look-alike—it’s elegant and inexpensive compared to real marble. 



Kitchen remodeling tips for flooring styles come down to costs, cleaning, and ROI for homeowners. Technology has introduced new styles and affordable trends. The bottom line is it’s about your own style, budget, and family living. 


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