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Four years ago, you purchased a home for your family of three. At the time, the space in your new place seemed perfect.

However, after your twins arrived, things instantly became chaotic. If you can relate to this scenario, you might desperately desire a home with spaces for both busy, group activities and quiet, private ones. The following design tips can help you make your home a harmonious haven for you and your loved ones.


Opt for an Open Floor Plan

 Nowadays, open floor plans are extremely popular. Many families opt for an open kitchen, dining room, and family room. This type of layout creates an amazing space for entertaining guests. If you have little ones at home, having an open concept can be extremely beneficial. While you’re preparing a delicious meal in your kitchen, you can keep an eye on your kids in the family room.


Design Two Living Spaces

 If you’re the parent of small kids, you may constantly trip over their toys. This might especially be the case if your home only contains one living space. To make your house function better, consider designing two sitting rooms. You might want to make one space formal and the other one informal. An informal, family room can be a great place for little ones to play with toys or teens to entertain friends. In your formal sitting room, you may wish to cuddle with your significant other, entertain adult friends, or read a book.


Create a Private Office

 Do you work part-time, or even full-time, from home? If concentrating at home is challenging, creating a private office is crucial. You might wish to transform a guest bedroom into a home office. Finishing a section of your basement may also be an alternative. To feel connected to your family while you work, think about installing a French, barn, or pocket door at the entrance to your office.


Move Your Master Suite to the Main Floor

 Do you and all of your kids sleep on the second floor of your home? If you’re concerned about a lack of privacy, think about moving your master suite to the main floor. In doing so, you likely won’t have to worry about your teen’s music keeping you up at night. 


Build a Bathroom for Each Bedroom

 Is each bathroom in your home utilized by more than one person? Arguments often ensue when multiple family members want to brush their teeth, take a shower, or blow-dry their hair at the same time. To foster harmony at your home, build a bathroom for each bedroom.


Design a Home Theater

 Does your family love to watch movies and sports events together? Designing a home theater can provide you with the perfect space to relax with your loved ones. Be sure to purchase an oversized, comfy chair for every family member. To absorb sound in your home theater, opt for carpet instead of hardwood, laminate, or stone flooring.

If you're a parent, you might adore spending time with your children. However, at the end of a stressful day, you may long for a space to be alone in. To make your house function for every member of your family, consider adhering to the aforementioned tips. 


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