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How To Make Your Home Have More Kid-Friendly Spaces

Making your home save for kidsWhen you have kids it’s natural to want to create a home they can be comfortable in. Having the right kid-friendly spaces is going to not only make it easier for them to do things on their own, but you’ll also have children who understand the importance of taking care of a home. Picking out things with them in mind is essential.

   This isn’t about child proofing your home; it’s more about how to make older kids, 5-years-old and up, more at ease. Here are some good ideas on how to make this possible with a few key details from Grossman’s Bargain Outlet, your one stop shop for remodeling your home the right way.


Pick Out Flooring That’s Easy To Play On

It’s just a fact, kids love to play on the floor. They have toys, blocks, doll houses, and Hot Wheels racing tracks that just work better on the floor. Getting down to play with these fun items is better on flooring that is comfortable for their little knees and feet. Carpet with plush padding is a great selection for playrooms.

  Keep in mind though, you want carpet flooring that is durable, resists stains, and isn’t going to wear out easily. Face it, kids can naturally be a little messy, so you want carpet that can go the distance during their playtime. Mohawk’s Moroccan Sand Berber Carpet is an excellent choice. It has a five year warranty, can be cleaned quickly, and is perfect for a family room or play space. The Permastrand fibers also resist fading, which will keep your carpet looking pristine for a long time.


A Bathroom With Adjustable Fixtures

Most kids especially little ones don't love getting water in their faces all the time during their baths. When you are giving them a bath, it’s helpful to have an adjustable shower head that’s handheld for easier hair rinsing. Trust us, this is a must-have item for your bathroom.

This Nature Mist Three Function Handheld Shower Head is the one to use to avoid getting water in their eyes when you are washing their hair. When they are a little older to transition to showers on their own, they will love the adjustable functions between a soft spray, which younger kids usually prefer, and stronger pulse for older teens who may need a shower pronto after an intense basketball game.


Kitchen Cabinets Kids Can Reach

If you are thinking of redoing your kitchen, consider adding lower cabinets on an island that they can reach. Sometimes the items they want, like cups, plates, and even snacks are in places they can’t get to, without a step stool. When doing a remodel, you can use pre-assembled kitchen cabinets. Talk to your contractor about how to add cabinets at child-friendly heights to the plans for an island counter space. 

Adding an island to the center of your kitchen is a ideal way to add space with additional cabinets. This island is also a fun place for kids to eat on stools they can climb up on with sturdy sides and arms, or do their homework at while you are making dinner. That way you’ll be right there if they need you for help with their school work.

 Making your home beautiful and functional for everyone in your family doesn't have to be a chore. With the right plans and ideas in place, little things you do can go a long way into making child-friendly spaces everyone will love to use.


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