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A well-organized kitchen can be the difference between looking forward to meal preparation and dreading it. Solutions that maximize storage space and allow for intuitive organization can help any kitchen feel a bit more spacious, regardless of square footage. Today, we're highlighting the top 4 kitchen storage struggles our clients experience and suggesting simple low-cost solutions.

Pots, Pans, and Lids

If your kitchen has tall ceilings or ample wall space, storing kitchen essentials visibly is a great option. A pot rack over a kitchen island or hanging pots and pans on the walls can be convenient and stylish if you have room. In smaller kitchens, however, these storage solutions can quickly overwhelm the space. Hidden storage, such as our pullout lid and cookware organizer, can keep everything separated and easily accessible. 

Herbs and Spices

A well-stocked spice cabinet is a point of pride for chefs and home cooks alike. Unless you have remodeled your kitchen with spices in mind, however, keeping them tidy can be difficult. Magnetic spice jars, used with a magnetic strip that you can install on the wall, as well as inside or underneath cabinets, are a popular trend in small kitchens. 

Drawer and cabinet organizers designed specifically for spices are also available. With the cabinet spice organizers, you can choose between a stationary tiered spice rack that allows you to see to the back row of spices or a pullout spice rack that offers the same visibility combined with the added convenience of being able to pull it out and down for easy reach.  

Garbage and Food Waste

The best kitchen garbage and food waste solutions are those you barely notice. Sleek, lidded trash cans with foot pedals to open are popular thanks to their convenience and slimline design. Hidden trash cans are another great option. 

Tucked inside a cabinet, hidden, pullout trash cans have the flexibility of being able to be placed nearly anywhere in the kitchen. Recycling bins can often go behind the trash can, truly maximizing the available space. 

Cleaning Supplies

The space beneath the sink is used to store cleaning supplies in many kitchens. Due to the counter depth and the necessary plumbing in that same space, however, it's not uncommon for the cleaners, sponges, and scrubbers to end up disorganized. Organizing the cleaners and tools into small baskets can help you find exactly what you are looking for easily. You can also put the cleaning supplies you use frequently in a caddy for ease of use. We offer a wire basket pullout caddy that can easily be installed in any cabinet if you prefer not to use the under sink storage space. 

Although it can seem overwhelming to get started, organizing your kitchen doesn't have to be a massive undertaking. Our 11-minute organizer can help you organize any of these trouble spots and more in 11 minutes or less. An organized kitchen can be less than 15 minutes away. 

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