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If the windows in your home won’t open easily, leak cold or hot air from the outside, are worn out or damaged, you have probably considered replacement windows for a home improvement project. You may also have envisioned adding more windows to light up the dark areas of your home, making it a brighter and more cheerful place for your family.


Allowing more natural light to enter your home has many great benefits. Bright sunshine not only makes a room seem more attractive and inviting, it can cut down on energy costs. Having to turn on lights during the day to improve visibility in a dark room is not only a hassle; it’s a waste of electricity.

Your current house may have been built with too few windows in order to save money on heating and cooling costs. Because windows manufactured in the past had only a single pane of glass, which allowed solar heat or winter cold to enter the home, fewer new construction windows were utilized when building a house. However, windows today have more than one pane of thermal glass with solar heat reduction and UV-blocking properties. Thermal glass not only has insulating properties that block cold and hot air from entering the home, it also will prevent solar heat and damage to floors and furnishings caused by sunlight entering the home.


The efficiency of thermal glass is the main reason window replacement cost can be easily recouped over time. By eliminating air leaks and solar heat with replacement windows, the homeowner will enjoy significant savings on energy costs as well as a more comfortable home to enjoy with the family.

Adding more natural sources of light inside the rooms is one home improvement project that makes a house a safer place to live for the whole family. Being able to see clearly inside the home can prevent stumbles, falls and other accident due to insufficient lighting. With a brightly lit space, spills on the floor or a toy on the stairs can be easily spotted if an accident happens.

Plenty of natural light inside a home has good psychological benefits for humans. Dark homes have a depressing effect on their inhabitants while sunshine-filled homes make people feel more cheerful. Adding new construction windows will not only brighten up your house, but it will lighten your overall mood as well.


If you are building a new house, you may want to consider adding more windows to rooms that have insufficient lighting. New construction windows are easy to add in the planning stages of a new home and don’t add significant cost to the overall price of the home.

For the best natural light, consider the direction your new home will be oriented. Is the family room facing north? The north side of a house is usually in shadow, which will make the family room dark and uninviting. Plan for new construction windows to be added to the west side of the family room, where plenty of natural light will enter during the afternoon.


You don’t have to replace all the old windows in your home at one time. As a homeowner, you have the option of installing replacement windows or adding new construction windows over a period of time to break up the cost into smaller amounts. This plan will make efficient new windows an affordable home improvement project that will save money on energy costs and make your home a more enjoyable place for you and your family.



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