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There's no arguing -- gadgets make life easier.

And if you're a gadget guru, you probably have a hard time passing on every artisan pizza stone, herb chopper and bagel knife that crosses your news feed. Cool kitchen gadgets are addictive, after all. But to every great collector comes a limit. Just how many gadgets are too many?

In a nutshell? It depends on the size of  your kitchen and on how savvy you are with your organization. 

Kitchen storage is a huge topic of conversation, especially for homeowners in the throes of a remodel. Adding it in during the planning stages is the best, most economical way to achieve those elevated heights of organized nirvana, but sometimes, it's just not possible. Sometimes that pesky little obstacle called a budget gets in the way. 

And sometimes, the urge to collect simply hits later -- after the renovation and after you've already sacrificed those extra kitchen cabinets for new appliances. 

What now? Now you have two options: Start hitting up local chapter meetings of Collector's Anonymous, or invest in some savvy little organizing techniques to better house your addiction. 


Add Hanging Storage

Get those wok spoons and fish turners out of the knife drawer and up onto the wall behind the stove. You don't even have to purchase a pricey iron dowel. Simply mount a pretty curtain rod and use "S" hooks to hang your most prized utensils instead. You'll find all sorts of hanging containers such as baskets, trays and even paper towel holders that feature "S" hooks for just this purpose. Mix and match them to your heart's content to make an attractive storage feature that makes it super-easy to find your favorite forks and ladles without digging. 


Hide What You Can't Hang

Relegate pizza stones and cutting boards to the insides of cabinet doors by building out simple frames using scrap wood and "L" brackets. Boards are stored vertically and out of sight, but still easy to retrieve on pizza night. 


Be Attractive

Magnets make wonderful little organizational tools. Adhere them to the insides of drawers to keep knives from clattering around, or mount a metallic sheet on the wall and mount magnets on spice jars and small baskets to help corral clutter. 

There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to how many gadgets are too many, as long as they're not taking over your kitchen and causing chaos and clutter. A kitchen should feel spacious, even if it's just a tiny alcove set into the corner of an urban apartment. And if you utilize innovative storage solutions, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to indulge your passion for collecting all things culinary. We all have those cherished items we love to pull out and use over and over again because they make us feel happy and warm, especially when it comes to cooking. Indulge yourself by filling your new kitchen with things that bring you joy, just be savvy when it's time for storing and displaying them. 


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