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The kitchen is often the heart and soul of the family home. It’s where most people like to congregate with family and friends, and, of course, enjoy their meals. The decor and aesthetics are what make your kitchen warm, cozy, and inviting, but the way it’s laid out and how you have your cabinets organized are what will make it easy to use for its intended purpose.

A poorly designed kitchen organization makes cooking less efficient and more time-consuming. You probably had your kitchen layout set up to conform to the ‘work triangle’ when you did your remodel, with your appliances placed in a logical way so you can quickly turn from the refrigerator, to the stove, and to the sink with your cabinet layout set up accordingly. But after your kitchen remodel, you still have another task to perform to achieve the most effective kitchen layout, and that is organizing your cabinets.


Discount kitchen cabinetsTips for Organizing Your New Kitchen Cabinets

How you organize your cabinets and storage spaces depends almost entirely on how you use your kitchen. So, it’s a personal decision, unique to your own habits and preferences. You’ll want to have the things you use the most the closest at hand and easily accessible, with lesser used items filling the other spaces, or in another room altogether.


Set Up Zones

The first step is to organize your cabinet space into zones. For instance, you might have a coffee-making zone with one cabinet dedicated to coffee-making supplies, and of course tea, hot chocolate, etc., if desired. Then, have another set of cabinets filled with your baking supplies, another section of cabinets to hold Tupperware and storage containers, and so on with all the items you use in your kitchen.


Lower to Higher

Again, having the things you use the most easily accessible is key to an effective cabinet layout. So, you’ll want the foodstuffs, appliances, ingredients, spices, utensils, etc., that you use the most to be stored in the lower sections of your cabinets, and the things you use less often higher up in the less convenient spaces. If you have appliances that you rarely use, consider storing them in another room altogether, like a utility room or the basement. There's no sense in taking up cabinet room with things you never use.


Discount RTA Cabinets near meDedicated Drawers

Ideally, each type of utensil should have its own drawer. Knives especially should all be kept in their own drawer. Use another for other small cooking utensils and one for eating utensils.


Declutter and Stay on Top of It

Cabinets and drawers tend to become a chaotic mess quickly, so make decluttering your storage spaces a regular part of your kitchen routine. Get rid of old and unused items, and reorganize at least on a weekly basis. Two or three times a year you should do a complete kitchen organization project.

Kitchen cabinet organization is a logical process based on your own personal habits. Convenience and ease of access is the name of the game. Once you have them organized the way you want, it will just take some diligent maintenance to keep them that way, and you’ll find it will make your cooking and baking much easier and more enjoyable.


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