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Let’s face it: Renting has come a long way. Between online portals, mobile payment options and real-time account information, today’s tenants have it easy.

To stay competitive, you’ll need to take advantage of today’s virtual assistants and artificial intelligence platforms. Whether you’re collecting rent, keeping renters up to date or simply want to offer more perks, the following amenities will surely make your establishment unforgettable—even in the digital realm. Getting Millennials to rent your property has never been easier, and the following tools are responsible.


Rent Merchant

First, you should look at Rent Merchant. It’s a win-win situation for tenants and landlords alike. It hooks into your pre-built website, parking itself alongside your property’s location, logo and phone numbers. Rent Merchant is accessible online, and it provides real-time alerts powered by an adroit A.I system. Rent Merchant boasts convenience and security, keeping your tenants safe every step of the way.



As you know, tenants hate inputting manual rent amounts every month. Why put up with the trouble? ClearNow automatically withdraws rent from bank accounts, depositing funds into your merchant account three days later. Tenants can increase their credit history, furnish their payment history and even split payments. Because ClearNow is a leading automatic payment provider, many landlords are outfitting their renting portals with its addition.



Buildium is a leading, all-in-one property management software which helps property managers operate daily tasks. Covering vacancies, rent and maintenance cycles, Buildium isn’t only a renter’s portal. It updates tenants with special property events, acting as a personal assistant. Buildium currently powers over three-quarters-of-a-million units, and it’s a slick, powerful tool for landlords.


AppFolio Property Manager

AppFolio is a cloud-based property management software suite. It gives residential property managers an opening to market, manage and conduct maintenance on their business. Covering leasing, accounting, marketing and management functions, AppFolio is your one-stop-shop for sending tenants vacancy notes. It additionally conducts background checks, administers digital lease agreements and handles e-checks.



If you’re offering self-storage options, SiteLink is the digital assistant you need. It already assists management operators across the world, empowering real estate investment trust gurus. Perfect for any landlord, and a highly effective tenant tool, SiteLink uses web-based toolkits to provide accessible, long-lasting solutions.


Maintenance Connection

On the unit maintenance end of things, tenants deserve a little more control. Maintenance Connection is a cloud-based software system which connects tenants and maintenance management personnel. Useful in multiple industries, its recently had a lot of popularity in the real estate world. The virtual assistant lets tenants and management members submit work orders. Similarly, all parties can track ongoing requests, update service needs and micromanage ongoing maintenance needs.



The on-demand software solution is a solid investment for apartment managers. Giving managers the ability to manage front desk, accounting and renter profiles in real-time, Propertyware supplies data-driven dashboards to give tenants the same ability as renters. No installation is necessary, either, giving management and tenants the freedom they need to conduct transactions, log maintenance requests and handle a slew of other tasks.

Take advantage of the above-mentioned high tech gadgets, and look for an apartment app which puts your tenants first. Millennials are a shrewd bunch, tech-wise, and they’ll only settle for the best digital assets around. Offer great options, and make sure you’re putting accessibility first. Your tenants will handle the rest.


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