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What's been years in the making and could take anywhere from two to 12 months to complete? Your new kitchen remodel, of course. If you're planning to upgrade this most important room in your home any time soon, and you're wondering about the time frame, relax; we've done the research for you.

Planning and Design

Step One - Set your budget. You may not be able to stay entirely within your predicted price range, so budget lower than you actually hope to spend to allow wiggle room for setbacks and surprises. What kind of surprises? Finding out that you need to replace old wiring instead of repairing it is always a rude surprise. So is finding termite damage inside your walls. Problems such as these are easily solved, but expect to spend decent money for the resolution.

Step Two - Partner with someone with an eye for design who can take your vision and turn it into reality. You may have a basic idea of what materials you desire in a countertop or which style of kitchen cabinets you'd enjoy seeing every day, but it takes a professional with a strong knowledge of design to pull those elements together so that they complement one another.

Step Three - Hire your contractor. Word of mouth is a good way to find the right person, but don't just take the first name on the list. Make a list of at least three or four possibilities, then talk to each one. Bring them into your kitchen and describe your vision to get quotes and suggestions, and then work from there.

The planning stage of your new kitchen design may take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, so plan accordingly.


Sure, you can demo an old kitchen in a day if you're striving to be a weekend warrior, but this is how costly accidents happen. It's better to take your time and remove cabinetry gently to avoid damaging areas that don't need demolishing. Unless your new kitchen remodel calls for a complete gut of your existing space down to the studs, a little loving care as you break down countertops and tear up floor tiles is always recommended.

A good rule of thumb is to allow at least several days for your kitchen demo.


Partner with your kitchen design specialist to find out which elements you need to pre-order. Any customized cabinetry will need to be ordered early. So will countertops. But you can't have the guys in to measure for the countertops until the base cabinetry has been installed, meaning it's all a process. To stay on schedule, each item on the checklist must be ticked off in order. This will help keep you on time and on budget.

Plan one or two days visiting with your designer at the store, to see the products and get your orders in.


It's the reconstruction of your kitchen that will take up the bulk of your remodel. Certain steps will need to be inspected and signed off on by qualified professionals. Any electrical or plumbing work typically falls under this category. And if your kitchen remodel includes an addition, that will have to be permitted by the city as well.

Open communication with your designer and your contractor is vital to pulling off a successful kitchen renovation. Be available and be involved, and your new dream kitchen will materialize right before your eyes, within your budget and in a timely fashion.

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